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The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting.

- Christopher Morley

Meets Open for Entry
Our dual meets and our first 2 USA meets are open for entry.
Please note if you have not yet registered you will not be able to enter meets until we have your registration forms. If you turned in your forms already and still can not enter meets please contact Becky Turnbull.

How to Enter Meets:

1. Log into the website
2. Go to the Meet Schedule Page
3.Click the entry deadline date (if the deadline hasn’t passed)  This will take you to the Meet Entry Page for that Meet

4.If the Meet is an Invitational

a. You will see a list of Events for each Child
b. Check the box next to the events you want to enter 
c. Click the “Save Entries” button

5. If the Meet is a Dual Meet

a.You will see a Yes/No check box for each child.
b.Select Yes or No for your child
c.Click the “Save Entries” button

Pentathlon T-shirt Orders
We are now accepting orders for CFYN Rocktober Pentathlon T-shirts.

Website Login Info
Website login info for new families has been emailed out.  If you haven't received yours yet please contact Keith Turnbull.

If you have been on the team previously your old login info will still work.  If you've forgotten it, please contact Becky Turnbull and she will reset your account.

Team Emails
Team emails have begun going out.  If you are not receiving the emails please click here to be added to the list.

Please note if you have previously unsubscribed to our list for any reason we are not able to re-add you to the list.  If you want to starts receiving the emails again you will need to click here.

Meet Schedule
A preliminary version of the meet schedule has been posted.  Most of our USA meet schedule is still pending and will be posted as soon as possible.  No meets are open for entry yet.

At this point, all meet info is subject to change.

Swim Clinics
Mount Union's swim team is offering some very affordable 1 day swim clinics this Fall.  A number of Tigershark swimming Alumni now swim for this team and brought this opportunity to our attention.

Click here for more info

Please note you should not plan to attend the Oct. 19th session, since that is the same day as the CFYN Pentathlon, but they do have other sessions available.

Team Suits
For those of you who were looking for a thick strapped girls team suit option.  Aquatic Outfitters found a suit similar to our team suit that offers the thicker strap option.  If you already purchased a thin strapped suit you can exchange it for the thick strapped suit.

Both suits are available at our on-line team store, and at Aquatic Outfitters.

Volunteer Sign-Ups
Please Click on the Volunteer Spot button below to sign-up for your volunteer positions.  Remember all families with an age group swimmer must volunteer for at least 4 positions.  Tigershark families with only HS preseason swimmers need to volunteer for a minimum of 1 meet.  Failure to meet these obligations will result in your swimmers being ineligible for championship meets.  Those going above and beyond will recieve entries into our raffle with a grand prize of  $100 Aquatic Outfitter gift card. 

Practice Schedule
A tentative practice schedule has been posted

Practice begins on 9/22/14.

Join our Email List!
If you are not already receiving our team emails please click here to sign up.  Don't worry we will only use this to give valuable team info.  We are a no spam kinda team!

CFYN "Back to the Water" Swim Clinic
Can't wait to get back in the water?
Miss sharing a lane with your swim team buddies?
Itchin' to have Coach Dale assign you your favorite kick sets?
Then come to the CFYN "Back to the Water" swim clinic!

Cost: $5 per day, payable on the deck. (fee must be paid in order to get in the water).

Where? Riverfront YMCA

Tues. 9/9: 8 & unders 5:30-6:30PM & 9&10 yrs olds 6:30-8PM
Wed. 9/10: 11&12 yr olds  6:30-7:30
Thurs. 9/11: 13 and over 6-8pm

Tues.9/16: 8 & unders 5:30-6:30PM & 9&10 yrs olds 6:30-8PM
Wed. 9/17: 11&12 yr olds  6:30-7:30
Thurs. 9/18: 13 and over 6-8pm

Mark Your Calendars
Please mark your calendars for these important Tigershark events:

August 23rd - Registration Day 9-12:30 @YMCA
September 8th - 1st Day of Stow Wellness Center High School preseason
September 9th-11th & 16th-8th - CFYN "Back to the Water" swim clinic.
September 14- Parents Meeting 4:30-6pm @ YMCA
September 22 - First day of Age Group practice
September 22 - !st day of Natatorium High School Preseason.
October 19 - CFYN Rocktober Pentathlon

Team Merchandise
Aquatic Outfitters has set up a an online store for CFYN  merchandise and equipment.  With the exception of personalized caps, all suits and equipment will be available throughout the season.  Deadline to order personalized caps is September 15th.

Click here to go to the store.

As always Aquatic Outfitters will be  available at Registration.

Join us on Facebook
Join our Tigershark Facebook group to share pictures, stories, and cheer on the team. 

Website Questions
Questions about the website should be directed to Keith Turnbull.

Next Meet

2014 CCS Age Group & Open SC Meet

Event Date
Oct-11 to Oct-12 2014

Entry Deadline
Friday, September 19, 2014 11:59:00 PM

Time Standards

Meet Location
C.T. Branin Natorium

Meet Info
USA registration required.
Click Here For Meet Packet

Meet Type

Short Course Yards

Age Up Date
October 11, 2014

Upcoming Dates
09-02-2014Registration @ YMCA
09-03-2014Board Meeting @ YMCA
09-14-2014Parents Meeting - Riverfront YMCA
09-19-2014Entry Deadline CCS

Recent Record Breakers

No Records Breakers Posted in the Last 30 Days.