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CFYN "Back to the Water" Swim Clinic 8/20/2014

Can't wait to get back in the water?
Miss sharing a lane with your swim team buddies?
Itchin' to have Coach Dale assign you your favorite kick sets?
Then come to the CFYN "Back to the Water" swim clinic!

Cost: $5 per day, payable on the deck. (fee must be paid in order to get in the water).

Where? Riverfront YMCA

Tues. 9/9: 8 & unders 5:30-6:30PM & 9&10 yrs olds 6:30-8PM
Wed. 9/10: 11&12 yr olds  6:30-7:30
Thurs. 9/11: 13 and over 6-8pm

Tues.9/16: 8 & unders 5:30-6:30PM & 9&10 yrs olds 6:30-8PM
Wed. 9/17: 11&12 yr olds  6:30-7:30
Thurs. 9/18: 13 and over 6-8pm

Team Merchandise 8/20/2014

Aquatic Outfitters has set up a an online store for CFYN  merchandise and equipment.  With the exception of personalized caps, all suits and equipment will be available throughout the season.  Deadline to order personalized caps is September 15th.

Click here to go to the store.

As always Aquatic Outfitters will be  available at Registration.

Mark You Calendars 8/20/2014

Please mark your calendars for these important Tigershark events:

August 23rd - Registration Day 9-12:30 @YMCA
September 8th - 1st Day of High School preseason
September 9th-11th & 16th-8th - CFYN "Back to the Water" swim clinic.
September 14- Parents Meeting 4:30-6pm @ YMCA
September 22 - First day of practice (practice schedule is still pending and should be available soon).
October 19 - CFYN Rocktober Pentathlon