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Raffle Prize Drop Offs 11/18/2014

Becky or Keith Turnbull will be available at the following practices to pick-up raffle prize donations.

Wednesday 11/19 at the end of practice at the YMCA
Thursday 11/20 between practices at the YMCA
Monday 11/24 at the beginning of practice at Akron.

Akron U Parking 11/17/2014

The University of Akron is having a home football game on Tuesday 11/18 at 7:00pm, which means our usual parking lots will not be available for practice. Please park in parking lot #1 which is the parking deck on the corner of Carroll and Spicer St. Display your parking passes as usual.

Lost & Found 11/14/2014

A CFYN cap was lost at the LCC dual meet.  If you found it please contact Tricia Jasko.


GO Invitational Heat Sheets 11/14/2014

Heat Sheets for Sunday's GO Invitational

CFYN @ GO Heat Sheets 11/14/2014

Heat Sheets for Saturday's dual meet at Spire are now available. 
Entries by name (includes relay assignments).

Remember to check the ones posted at the meet when you get there in case changes are made.

LCC Meet Results 11/9/2014

Congratulations Tigersharks on winning another dual meet. CFYN won 11-0
the total points were CFYN 611 to LCC 260

Meet results are availale on the meet schedule page and top times have been updated.

CFYN @ LCC Entries 11/7/2014

The entries for tomorrows dual meet are now available.  We do not have the heat sheets from the host team yet but we will post those if we receive them in time.

Please note this is a meter pool, so your swimmer's times will seem off.  Click here for a detailed explanation of meter pools versus yard pools.

Also the host team recommends that people bring chairs. to the meet.

Picture Delivery 11/6/2014

If you ordered pictures they have been put in your team mailboxes.

Remember if you have only 8 & under swimmers your mailbox is at the YMCA. If you a 9 & over swimmer you mailbox is at Akron.  If you have both an 8 & under and a 9 & over swimmer your mailbox for all your swimmers is at Akron.

Academic Achievement Club 11/6/2014

If your child has achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher (or the equivalent) please turn a copy of their report cards in to your coach or leave them in Coach Dale's mailbox at Akron.

If your child is home schooled and does not receive traditional report cards please use this form as alternate documentation. 

Swimmers who have a 3.0 or higher and have turned in their report cards/form will receive a special awards at the end of the season awards ceremony.

Meet Schedule Update 11/6/2014

Some new meets have been added to our schedule and/or been opened for entry.

Pitt Christmas Meet (USA): Deadline 11/9 (no coach)
Massillon Pentathlon: Deadline 11/18 (no coach, please note new meet format before entering)
Jim Scullion Meet (USA): Deadline 11/29 
Christmas Cadet: Deadline 11/30 (10 & under swimmers only).

Please also remember to enter the Sleigh Ride Spectacular by 11/19.  This is a very important team fundraiser so all Tigersharks are expected to participate.

GO Invitational Entry 11/3/2014

Please check the GO Invitational Entry for accuracy and report any mistakes to Coach Dale no later than NOON on Wednesday Nov. 5th.
Tuesday Parking at Akron 11/3/2014

On Tuesday 11/4 Akron is having a home football game which means our usual parking lots will not be available for practice.  Please park in parking lot #1 which is the parking deck on the corner of Carroll and Spicer St.  Display your parking passes as usual.
Sleigh Ride Spectacular Practice Group Raffle Baskets 11/1/2014

Please get your donations in for the Practice Group Basket Raffle.  Remember the group basket that sells the most tickets wins a fun day at practice and cookies & punch after practice!

8 & Unders:
Chocolate Lovers...
donate anything and everything that is chocolate!

Black & Black Adv.
Family Fun Night...games, movies, snacks etc...

Super Heroes...action figures, toys, coloring books, games, Pez dispensers, anything with Super Heroes on it!

Money Tree..
.Lottery Scratchers and gift cards.

Ohio State...tempt Ohio State fans with awesome OSU themed items!

Donations can be turned in to Keith or Becky Turnbull, or  Kandi Novak, or other bord members.  Please rem,ember to include a note indicating which practice group you want credited.
Contact Becky with any questions.